Apple Car Key Now Supports Mercedes – Time To Replace Your Keys

After replacing almost every electronic inside your house, from cameras to microphones, to laptops, to cell phones, the iPhone is now going to replace your car keys. Apple Car Key now has support for many Mercedes models.

Apple Car Keys

The Apple Car Keys function wasn’t launched too long ago. Now we will get to see the actual usage of the function.

This function actually means that for the supported vehicles, you will no longer need a key. Your iPhone or Apple Watch will be able to unlock/perform the basic functions of a car. This will completely replace the need for physical keys.

While many car brands such as BMW, BYD, Genesis, Hyundai and Kia have hopped on Apple’s idea, a leaked code actually shows that support has been added to Mercedes as well.

Apple Car Key

Mercedes To Support Apple Car Key

Mercedes’s newly launched vehicle, the Mercedes Benz AG is going to support the Apple Car Key feature.

The leak shows a code having the word “MBAG” appear in Apple’s background support data, indicating that the function has been launched in the background.

However, this feature may be rare for now, but I can guarantee that in the coming years, we will see this feature on every car.

It will be interesting to see if Android comes up with “Google Keys” or something to compare with this.

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