Apple To Join The AI Industry Says Tim Cook

Apple is one of if not the biggest tech companies right now. From smartphones to laptops to PCs, Tablets, watches, headphones, speakers, or even software! The Apple logo is one of the most recognizable logos around the world. Now get ready for Apple AI.

For some people, the logo is a symbol of top luxury while for others they believe that it is representing peak technology. However, the company is wildly successful in almost everything they produce.

However, now it is being heard that Apple is going to step into the AI market. Here is what that is all about.

Apple AI

While companies like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft are fighting over the Artificial intelligence scene and making use of AI left right, and center. Speaking at the Apple Q2 earnings call Tim Cook the CEO of Apple, shared a statement that Apple is very eager to join the AI market and experiment with it.


Cook said that Apple is looking to ‘intelligently’ integrate Artificial intelligence into future products.

Saying this Cook has left tech enthusiasts wondering about what is Apple planning, and how will they integrate AI into their products.

Apple Products With Artificial Intelligence

Apple has been adding AI to its products and services like the camera app, Siri, and even the spotlight feature. But it was not in this way.


This time Apple means Artificial intelligence for real. This AI will be very powerful, as we all know Apple enters a market later but usually ends up dominating the area.

Apple might add Artificial intelligence to Siri making it like ChatGPT & Bard-AI. Imagine how powerful would Siri be! Apple could use AI to change forever how Apple products work! Also with their rock solid ecosystem, the Artificial intelligence by Apple will be very powerful.

However, Tim Cook also said that they will be very careful as AI is very fast developing and can be very dangerous.


AI development has caused a lot of questions about its risks, particularly from the very people that were actively involved in building AI technology, this includes names such as ‘Geoffery Hinton’, a former Google employee and the ‘Godfather of AI’, who is now actively protesting against the technology.

It is still a debatable topic regarding the pros and cons of Artificial intelligence. Right now I am very excited to see where it leads even if the AI might end up killing us one day. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below.

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