Sadapay VS NayaPay VS Zindigi – Detailed Review (2023)

Sadapay VS NayaPay VS Zindigi is the most asked question when it comes to microfinance banking. All three are one of the top microfinance banking apps. It has been a while since all three of these are in the wild now. Having used all three and having different experiences with all three, you’ll be getting an updated overhaul of the pros and cons of these three banks. Firstly, let’s talk about their features and what they offer.


Firstly, let us talk about the background of SadaPay. SadaPay is registered with the SECP as SadaTech Pakistan Pvt Ltd. SadaPay communications are encrypted on many levels. Their physical card is numberless. Moreover, there is also an option for a business account which they have launched recently.


You can apply for the SadaBiz account by providing them with the details of the work that you do, your average payment, etc. To get your payments from international clients, you will only be required to send them an automatically generated link and they will be able to send you your due payment. This is a great option for freelancers working for international clients.

SadaPay App

SadaPay’s app is one of the cleanest you’ll see in Pakistan. They don’t have any physical branches. Furthermore, they offer you a free Mastercard Debit Card. There is no annual fee or minimum deposit. You can avail of free transfers to any bank or wallet instantly. In addition, you can withdraw money from ATM without any ATM fee 3 times a month.

SadaPay VS NayaPay VS Zindigi

Issues Faced Using SadaPay

Using SadaPay has been a hassle-free experience for the most part. However, for once, I have faced an issue where I have not received the amount in my account and SadaPay has reverted it to the sender’s bank which took a lot of days to resolve. However, SadaPay was quick to respond and their customer support was satisfactory. Other than this one mishap, there was no issue faced whilst using SadaPay’s services.


NayaPay’s Visa debit card is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide. Moreover, it is accepted at all 15,000+ ATMs across Pakistan. You can control your payments or freeze your card through their app easily. They also have no hidden charges or annual fees. You can also get a virtual Visa debit card on your phone app.SadaPay VS NayaPay

Talking about their app features, you can have your bill split automatically. Moreover, you can even write notes when transferring money to explain them. You can receive reminders for your due payments. Overall, NayaPay offers more functionality with its mobile app. The NayaPay verification process requires a Meezan Bank ATM or branch.

Issues Faced Using NayaPay

NayaPay feels less intuitive to use than other apps. The app design doesn’t feel intuitive to me personally. However, using it to top-up my sim card and sending or receiving money has been seamless for the most part. Sometimes, receiving money does tend to take a bit longer than SadaPay for comparison. NayaPay needs to work on its app design and its card design as well which is very basic compared to the SadaPay and Zindigi app which is way more fun to use.


Zindigi is a microfinance bank by JS Bank. Their app is a lot more intuitive than the NayaPay app. It has some added features which SadaPay also doesn’t have. You can invest in mutual funds and stocks through the Zindigi app. This is not possible on SadaPay and NayaPay. Their physical Mastercard debit card is also well-designed and is the only transparent card. However, it is also the most expensive as you would have to pay PKR 1000 to order their card.

SadaPay VS NayaPay VS Zindigi

Furthermore, you can send money to other Zindigi accounts, other bank accounts and wallets, to any mobile number via RAAST ID, and anyone with a valid CNIC as well. Moreover, you can also pull funds from any debit card. They also have a Z Store for discounted shopping.

Issues Faced While Using Zindigi App

Zindigi account takes a bit longer to set up. It is not as quick as the other two. Moreover, I have faced issues while sending payments. The representatives said that JS Bank was facing issues which is why the Zindigi app also faced issues. However, those were resolved in a matter of 2 days with proper follow-up.

SadaPay VS NayaPay VS Zindigi – Which one is the best?

My preference lies towards SadaPay with Zindigi coming to second and NayaPay at the last. SadaPay is easy to use and the SadaBiz feature is an important step. Investing in stocks and mutual funds can be done through other channels where people feel more secure and have been doing in the past. However, the app design is great on Zindigi and the experience is also great. Their card, however, should be free like SadaPay. NayaPay has a lot to catch on to in terms of app design. It just doesn’t feel intuitive, Their card is also dull in terms of design when compared with SadaPay and Zindigi. So, which banking app will you go for? SadaPay is my choice, let us know your choice in the comments section.


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