OnePlus and OPPO In Europe – Are They Pulling Out?

OnePlus and OPPO in Europe have never been household names. Due to the strong market share of Apple and Samsung, these Chinese brands have never made it big in the European market. Recently, they were steadily increasing their focus on the market. However, now the progress seems to have halted completely.

Oppo Find X6 Pro

Max Jambor, a reliable leaker, revealed that OnePlus and OPPO will be pulling out of Europe starting with Germany, UK, France, and Netherlands. However, it was not certain at the moment whether both brands will exit Europe entirely or just some select countries. There was also a possibility of them only pulling out of the above-stated countries. However, OnePlus has issued a statement reflecting its ideas.

Official Statement from OnePlus

“OnePlus will not exit from Europe and the UK and maintains stable operations in local markets. OnePlus will continue to invest in Europe and provide more innovative PRODUCTS and solutions for its users,” – OnePlus Global PR Manager James Paterson

Future of OnePlus and OPPO in Europe

The future of both these companies is still in the air. OnePlus has made it clear that they are not exiting the UK and Europe. This could also mean that they would be continuing operations in the UK for sure but not for the entire of Europe. There is still a possibility of them exiting France, Netherlands, and Germany only. OPPO may also follow suit.

OnePlus and OPPO in Europe

We don’t know the exact reasons why the Chinese tech giants are thinking to exit European countries. However, it may be due to some disputes like Nokia filing lawsuits over patent theft. On the contrary, it may be only a new strategy. We can only speculate for now. We guess that in some countries, both brands may not continue simultaneously. One country gets the OnePlus flagships and OPPO midrange devices. While the other one gets OPPO flagships and OnePlus midrange devices.

There is already no major differentiating factor between OPPO and OnePlus devices. Dividing regions makes a lot of sense to generate revenue for both brands and obtain a larger market share for both. However, this is only a guess. If there is some disputed issue, it will be alarming for both brands as the only region left will be Asia. The already Apple and Samsung-dominated market will get more monopolistic. Brands like Nothing can also benefit from their exit. As an upcoming brand, they will look to capture the market gap left by OnePlus and OPPO in Europe.


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