Microsoft Threatens: No Internet If Used Bing For Developing AI

Microsoft has come up with a “new” way of stopping its competitors. They want to restrict search data being used for making and programming AI.

Microsoft Says No Internet for Bing Search Data

In the new headlines, Microsoft has accused their competition that, Bing’s search data is being used to train and develop Artificial intelligence or AI chatbots like ChatGPT. According to Microsoft, using their data to develop or train AI is against their terms of service.

Microsoft Warns Rivals

Microsoft has issued a threat to competitors, saying that the internet will be cut off. So no internet for Bing is caught using the search data in developing AI.

The reporter reported, “Microsoft will cut off access to its internet search and data if rivals don’t stop using it as the basis for their own artificial intelligence chat products”

Why Does Microsoft Want To Restrict Search Data?

The company says that its search data which is provided by Bing comes under some terms and conditions. Those terms and conditions will break if it is found that the data is being fed to some AI development programme.

Training AI from classified information can be harmful to Microsoft as they can get in hot waters if any sensitive information gets leaked to AI.

However, all of this might not be due to public safety. Microsoft is a company after all and they might not want the competition to use Bing data for training their own AI models.

Moreover,  the company had warned at least two customers. To feed data for their artificial intelligence chat tools violated their policies and contract terms. Furthermore, the report also said that Microsoft may also end the license to restrict its search index.

Lastly, the company is working on improving browsers using AI ao they don’t want rivals to move ahead.

What do you guys think about this No Internet for Bing data policy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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