Anchors lose their job too, AI weather reporter is here

What a day to be alive. It seems like anchors are going to lose their jobs too. A TV station in Russia has a new weather reporter. She is not a real person, but an AI anchor. She can tell the viewers about the weather in a realistic way. And yes, she is beautiful too.

How the AI Anchor Works

The TV station is called Svoye TV. It is in Stavropol region in southern Russia. The AI anchor’s name is Snezhana Tumanova. Her name means “snow” and “fog” in Russian.

Snezhana Tumanova can forecast the weather by using neural networks. These are computer programs that learn from data. One neural network makes the virtual presenter look like a human. Another one writes the text for her to say. A third one creates the graphics for the show.

AI weather reporter

The show is called “Future Forecast”. It airs five times a day. It gives viewers regular updates on the weather.

AI weather reporter is here, and this is just the start

The TV station said that they got the idea from China. China has been using AI anchors for news and other programs since 2018. They can work 24 hours a day and save costs for human reporters.

The TV station also said that they are not planning to replace their live presenters with AI anchors. They said that they want to use both types of reporters to make their programs more interesting and diverse.

Are you ready to be replaced by AI?

Some people think that AI anchors are amazing and innovative. They think that they can make weather forecasting faster and more accurate. They also think that they can help people prepare for extreme weather events.

Other people think that AI anchors are creepy and fake. They think that they can’t replace human reporters who have emotions and personalities. They also think that they can pose ethical and social challenges.

What is your plan to survive this AI Apocalypse? Let us know in the comments below.

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