Huawei New Phones Will Destroy Apple – According to Huawei Exec

Huawei just launched its new smartphone series, the Huawei P60, which consists of the P60, P60 Plus, and P60 Art. At the same time, it unveiled its Enjoy 60 mid-ranger and the Mate X3 foldable.

Huawei seems to be very proud of its new flagships. So much so that their Chief Operating Officer even said that these new smartphones will cause Apple to lose market share & Huawei will destroy Apple.

Huawei P60 Series

The latest flagships from Huawei are really impressive in camera and low-light performance. The Huawei P60 series features a 10-stop variable aperture that allows 191% more light to go into the camera in comparison to the iPhone 14.

Huawei Destroy Apple

Huawei also claims that its super-focus night vision telephoto lens increases light capacity by 488% over the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

These are some serious improvements in the camera department. However, other than that the P60 series also surpasses the iPhone in terms of charging speed and battery capacity.

Huawei Destroy Apple

The above-mentioned performance explains why the Huawei Executive claims that it will cause Apple to lose market shares. But will all of this really have an effect on Apple? Let’s take a closer look at the market.

Huawei will cause Apple to lose market shares?

Huawei phones are undoubtfully great. Looks, and performance, are going well in every ratio. Now the main problem Huawei will face while “making Apple lose market shares” is that Huawei is banned in the U.S.

Huawei will destroy Apple?

The U.S. is the third largest smartphone market and not being able to sell there is a huge setback to Huawei, adding to that is the whole android and google situation. Let us think for a moment, no matter how good a phone is in hardware, the software and ecosystem play a huge role in selling the smartphone.

Moreover, the iPhone is on a steady incline for gaining strength, already it dominates an astounding 75% of the global premium smartphone market. Even in the midrange market, Apple has topped Samsung and owns an impressive 23% share of the global smartphone market.

In the folding market, however, Huawei holds 51.3% of the Chinese foldable phone market. Samsung is in second position with only 18.8% of the market, but that also might change when Apple releases their first foldable.

No matter how much we tech enthusiasts appreciate Huawei, they might have bit more than they can chew with this statement. Even with all the handicaps, Huawei is doing an amazing job. I really wish that the Huawei ban would be lifted so that the competition actually becomes fair.

What do you think of this? Do you think Huawei will destroy Apple anytime soon? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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