ChatGPT Gets Plugin Support Making It More Powerful

Open AI has just introduced ChatGPT Plugin support. Now the chatbot can access the Web, analyse code, and retrieve data from custom knowledge sources. How will this improve AI, well;

ChatGPT Plugin Support

This plugin support means that ChatGPT can now do more things and access more up-to-date information. The AI can now perform computations and utilise third-party programs to benefit search results and functions.

Plugins will be slowly released depending on their use and functions, as they unlock a wide range of use cases for ChatGPT.

How Does ChatGPT Plugin Support Work?

Now, AI models are trained in a specific way to do specific tasks. This is what makes them limited in some way or another. Now plugins on the other hand will enable the AI model or in this case, ChatGPT to access information which is not embedded in training.

Browser Plugin

ChatGPT Plugin Support

The browser plugin will enable ChatGPT to get us browser-like results and it will allow the model to access the internet hence gaining information that is newer and more accurate.

Code Interpreter Plugin

ChatGPT Plugin Support

The code interpreter plugin grants ChatGPT the ability to use and understand Python. It will be able to handle uploads and downloads. Not only that, but it will be useful for solving mathematical problems, data analysis, visualization, and file format conversion.

Retrieval Plugin


This one will help to make the AI your personal assistant. Like, this plugin will enable ChatGPT to access local files and folders and information within them.

Third-Party Plugins

ChatGPT Plugin Support

Now, when other app developers would like to use ChatGPT with their application, they will make plugins so that the A.I will be able to take advantage of their application and be useful.

ChatGPT Plugin Support

For example, if there is a plugin for a shopping website, ChatGPT will be able to access the website’s library and find you the product you need instead of you scrolling through the website for hours. The first batch of plugins are coming from companies including KAYAK, Klarna, Milo, OpenTable, Shopify, Slack, Speak, Wolfram, Zapier and more.

This just shows how powerful AI truly is. What are your thoughts on this? Share in the comments below.

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