Tecno color-changing phone revealed: 1600 colors in 1 smartphone!

Tecno, the mobile technology company, has set a new standard at Mobile World Congress by unveiling its latest innovation: the Chameleon Coloring Technology. This revolutionary technology is embedded in the back of a smartphone and is capable of producing a wide range of color patterns at the touch of a button. Below you will find everything we know about the “Tecno color-changing phone.”

What is Chameleon Coloring Technology?Tecno color-changing phone revealed: 1600 colors in 1 smartphone!

The Chameleon Coloring Technology is a full-spectrum electrically-controller prism coloring technology that uses a grid of sub-micron prism material to change the direction of light waves when an electric field is applied. By precisely controlling the direction of the prism, the material can refract light in multiple different wavelengths, giving the appearance of a wide range of iridescent colors.

How Does Tecno color changing technology Work?

Tecno color-changing phone revealed: 1600 colors in 1 smartphone!

Unlike conventional display technology, the material used in the Chameleon Coloring Technology does not produce any light. Instead, it reflects light off its surface, coloring it in the process. The arrangement of the sub-micron prism can be manually controlled through the device software, allowing you to choose from 1600 different colors or potentially change automatically based on battery status, music, or notifications.

What Are the Benefits of Chameleon Coloring Technology?

The Chameleon Coloring Technology is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. The material can change colors in 0.03 seconds and has negligible power consumption. With up to 2 million color changes per day, it is a durable and long-lasting feature that won’t drain your battery life. In fact, it has been found that 100 color changes over the course of a day require as much power as watching a 5-minute video.

Tecno’s Experience with Color-Changing Backs

Tecno is no stranger to color-changing backs. In 2022, the company launched the Techno Camon 19 Pro Mondrian Edition, which used polychromatic photoisomer technology for the back panel that changed colors when exposed to UV radiation from sunlight. With the introduction of Chameleon Coloring Technology, Tecno has set the bar even higher.

Future of Chameleon Coloring Technology

Tecno color-changing phone revealed: 1600 colors in 1 smartphone!

While Tecno has not yet announced a device that will incorporate the Chameleon Coloring Technology, it is expected that we will see a smartphone from the company that features this innovative technology soon. With its ability to change colors quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly, Chameleon Coloring Technology is sure to be a hit with tech enthusiasts and mobile users alike.

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