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Future MacBook Pro may use “Dynamic Virtual Trackpad” suggests patent


Apple has recently filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a new design of MacBook that would be made entirely of glass. The patent covers a force input/tactile output interface in the touchpad area that is bezel-less and formable, made of various materials such as metallic glass and composite materials. The user interface surface can be a protective cover, such as glass or sapphire, that sits over the active display area of the display.

Apple Files Patent For Future MacBook Pro With Glass Haptic Trackpad

According to the patent statement, the laptop will have a glass top surface with the trackpad area defined on the glass top surface. The patent application also includes illustrations of the design, including an example distribution of localized flexible regions defined into an interior surface of an electronic device that may be associated with the force input/tactile output interface.

One of the key features of this future MacBook design is its aim to reduce the thickness of the device by spreading the force input/haptic output actuators across the entire width of the MacBook and eliminating the traditional cutout area for a dedicated trackpad.

This design is similar to the one LG showcased at CES 2023, which featured a laptop with a glass construction and a trackpad that is only visible when needed, and then lights under the glass that reveal the perimeter of the trackpad when touched.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Apple is already working on another similar patent that could illuminate icons on a future glass laptop. The patent would use a dynamic virtual trackpad.

Overall, the patent application suggests that Apple is exploring new design options for its future MacBooks, focusing on clean and minimalist design, while also incorporating advanced technology such as force input/haptic output interface. For more information, readers can refer to Apple’s patent application number US 20230018184 A1.

The use of glass as the main material for the construction of the MacBook is not a new concept, but this patent application shows Apple’s interest in this idea. The use of glass will not only provide a sleek and modern look, but also improve the user experience. The glass material can provide a smooth surface for finger movement and also allows for more precise tracking of finger gestures. Additionally, the glass surface is also more durable, and resistant to scratches, making the device more long-lasting.

Moreover, by incorporating the force input/haptic output interface, the MacBook will be able to provide a more realistic and engaging touch experience. This technology will allow the trackpad to provide a sense of texture and depth, making it feel like the user is interacting with a physical object rather than a flat surface. This will also make it easier to navigate through the interface and complete tasks more efficiently.

In conclusion, the patent application filed by Apple suggests that the company is exploring new design options for its future MacBooks. The use of glass as the main material and the incorporation of force input/haptic output interface technology are both exciting developments that could greatly enhance the user experience. While it is unclear when this design will be put into production, it is clear that Apple is always striving to improve and evolve its products.

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