Now you can eat Xbox-themed Oreo cookies with special codes

Microsoft and Oreo have once again teamed up to bring us a line of Xbox-themed Oreo cookies. This collaboration is sure to delight gamers and cookie lovers alike, with a total of six designs to choose from, including the iconic Xbox logo and a controller button design. Below you will find all the details regarding the Xbox-themed Oreo cookies.

Now you can eat Xbox-themed Oreo cookies with special codes

But these cookies are more than just a tasty treat – each package of Xbox Oreos comes with special codes that unlock game items like Oreo-themed armor packs or vehicle skins. Imagine your Halo Infinite character decked out in Oreo-themed armor, looking like a Spartan who just took a dip in an Oreo milkshake. Or how about a vehicle skin in Horizon 5 that looks like it’s made entirely of cookies? And Sea of Thieves players will even get a ship skin inspired by the tasty treats.

Now you can eat Xbox-themed Oreo cookies with special codes

The special edition cookies are based on Oreo’s classic cream cookies and will be available in 22 countries starting this month. However, they are only available “while stocks last”, so be sure to grab them while you can. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t listed all 22 countries where the cookies will be available, but it appears that they will be limited to the European market. But don’t worry, because according to Oreo’s website, the cookies will go on sale on January 16th.

Now you can eat Xbox-themed Oreo cookies with special codes

Overall, the Xbox-themed Oreo cookies are sure to be a hit among fans of both brands. The combination of Oreo’s classic cream cookies with special codes to unlock game items is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, and the variety of designs to choose from makes it a must-have for any gamer. Be sure to grab a package while they’re available because they’re sure to go fast!

Microsoft also launched an Oreo-themed Xbox

Now you can eat Xbox-themed Oreo cookies with special codes

This isn’t the first time Microsoft and Oreo have joined forces for a marketing campaign. In the past, they have launched promotional campaigns and special edition products together. Last October, the two companies teamed up for a promotional campaign, and Oreo even added an emoji to Microsoft Teams. Oreo also released a limited edition of big-eye clip crepes designed for Teams meeting breaks.

In 2019, Microsoft and Oreo teamed up to release a special edition of the Xbox Series X that was inspired by the beloved cookies. The custom console featured a white and blue design, similar to the colors of the iconic Oreo cookies, and was adorned with the Oreo logo.

This special edition console was highly sought after by both gamers and collectors alike and was released in a limited quantity. It’s unclear exactly how many units were produced, but it is believed that the Oreo Xbox Series X was only available in select markets. Fans of both Oreos and the Xbox Series X were thrilled with the unique collaboration

If you have read till this point, I am sure you are having Oreo craving like me. What can be better than a deal of all the best cookies in one package?

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