Pokemon Scarlet & Violet PC Version Leaks Days Before Launch

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are the latest mainstream games in the popular RPG franchise. Owned by Nintendo, getting leaked is not something you really expect. However, things took a turn with this game as a playable ROM of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet surfaced online days before the actual launch. This allows people to play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on PC via Emulator, or even play on their Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Early Review

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet PC Version Leaks Days Before Launch

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are important titles, obviously, they are mainstream but also GameFreak has stepped up the series with these new titles. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first games that are truly open-world. It allows players to explore the whole region with their own will. There are no set rules to follow; GameFreak has finally given you the freedom!

I have been playing the game myself for the past few days. Currently, I am on my third Gym, and let me assure you; the open-world element is for real. You get to choose which Gym you want to go to first. For a test, I started from one corner of the map and went in the opposite direction just to see if they let me.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet PC Version Leaks Days Before Launch

For starters, you are given the option of three main goals to accomplish:

  • Beat all the Gym leaders and fight for Pokemon Master
  • Explore different species, herbs, etc.
  • Destroy Team Star and their deadly operation

I tried ignoring the second option, and the game has not yet forced me to go down that route. However, Team Star’s operation kind of blended in; I think destroying Team Star may have a huge role in the later part of the game.

For now, the storyline has been the worst. You are given the responsibility of the legendary Pokemon from the beginning of the game. Without a prior story to it, the Pokemon just helps you in traveling. Currently, you cannot fight with it; just use it as a vehicle.

Pokemon has focused entirely on providing an authentic open-world experience and has hugely affected the storyline. There is no hype behind the legendary Pokemon, the Team Star is just a bunch of school kids with no scary leaders while there are no spicy rival battles. Instead, there are a lot of character customizations, and picnic features for your Pokemon; Sorry Nintendo, but we are here for Pokemon adventure not Talking Tom.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet PC Version Leaks Days Before Launch

On the other hand, the battle system is just amazing. The new Terra form looked gimmicky at first, but it quickly becomes an important part of the battle. Not to forget, there is a huge variety of Pokemon from each generation. The game will keep you engaged with the beautiful Paldean region having a variety of new and old Pokemon to catch.

How to play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on PC?

Note: We do not encourage playing the game on an emulator, and would suggest you play the official version of the game instead

The Nintendo Switch file of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have surfaced online. In order to play the game, you will need at least a medium-tier PC. You must have a decent dedicated GPU in order to emulate the game. Expect a 20-30fps average with medium specifications.

To play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on PC, you will need two things:

  1. Pokemon Scarlet/Violet XCI File
  2. Nintendo Switch Emulator

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet XCI File can be found on the internet. Of course, you need to be clever enough not to fall for a scam.

Secondly, you will be required to download Nintendo Switch emulator of your own choice. There are multiple in the market including Yuzu emulator. However, Yuzu is not my preferred choice.

Rather, I will suggest you opt for Ryujinx Emulator, especially for Pokemon titles. You can download Ryujinx Emulator from the official website.

If you want the best experience, then, of course, Nintendo Switch is the way to go. Especially with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Paldean region would look beautiful on the OLED version.

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