iPhone SE 4 Is Coming – This Might Be The New Best-Seller!

iPhone SE 4 is slated to launch in 2023 as reported previously. The second-gen and third-gen SE came with the same design as iPhone 8. But, both still managed to be successful courtesy of the latest chipset and an affordable price tag. The price-to-performance ratio was so good with the 2020 iPhone SE. It managed to sell very well and produced a great profit for Apple. However, it changed with the iPhone SE 3. The price-to-performance ratio wasn’t that good with the third-gen. But, it still came into the top 10 selling phones of the previous half of the year.

Will Apple Resurrect The SE?

Jon Prosser has confirmed the previous leaks about the iPhone SE 4. As we reported previously, the next iPhone SE will indeed launch in Q1 2023. Moreover, the device will see a major design overhaul in the context of midrange Apple phones. Apple will use the iPhone XR’s body with new internals for the iPhone SE 4. Furthermore, there will be 3 colors launching with the SE 4. Starlight, Midnight, and Product Red will be launched.

iPhone SE 4

The more modern design will make the SE feel less like an outcast. Previously, those big bezels and Touch ID at the front design looked awkward and outdated. Therefore, the design change will be more than welcome. In addition, if priced right, this new iPhone has all the ingredients to be the best-selling iPhone of all time.

Who Will Upgrade?

iPhone SE 4

A lot of consumers holding on to the iPhone 11 series and the SE 2 will look to upgrade. However, Apple will need to hold the price under $400. Budget devices like the Pixel 6a and Nothing Phone (1) have gotten so good. To compete with them, Apple will need to keep the price competitive. They will be using an old design and most probably an LCD, so they better keep the price down. Moreover, we think the processor might not change from SE 2. If the iPhone 14 non-pro models don’t get a processor upgrade, the SE 4 won’t as well. So, what do you think about the iPhone SE 4 rumors? Let us know in the comments below.


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