GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the all-time popular games. There have been 5 sequels to the game. The rumors of the 6th were in the air till now. Now, a hacker has gotten the under-development gameplay footage of GTA 6. Over 90 videos of GTA 6 gameplay footage have been leaked. The leaked videos are legitimate, as said by Rockstar themselves.

People At Rockstar Are Rocked 

A reporter from Bloomberg, Jason Schreier, has confirmed from Rockstar officials that the leaked material is indeed legit. The footage leaked is from a pre-alpha built; unfinished and under development.

Moreover, things are not looking good for Rockstar. This is one of the biggest leaks ever. However, Rockstar claims that development on the upcoming game will carry forward per schedule.

GTA 6 Gameplay

Leaked GTA 6 Gameplay

The hacker who leaked the GTA 6 gameplay goes by the name ‘teapotuberhacker’ on the GTAForums. Some 90 videos of clips from the game, with debug code and interfaces running were posted by the hacker on GTAForums. The hacker also claimed to have the source code of GTA 6.


The footage shows both male and female protagonist characters. As early reports suggested, the gameplay footage shows that the open-world game is set in Vice City. Another clip shows a ‘Pegassi’ car, which was an iconic drive-in in the previous GTA games.

GTA 6: Top Things We Know So Far

Thanks to the leaked GTA 6 footage, we were able to gather some notable things:

  • A female protagonist.
  • Vice City returns bringing back the famous Malibu club
  • You can rob Fast-Food joints. There is a timer before the cops are called. The main Male Character can also help you rob these places.
  • “Any vehicle you are seen entering will be known to the Law.” Police will remember the car that you left in.
  • Breaking into Shipping Containers will be possible.
  • At least one Pawn Shop in the game. Perhaps we will be able to sell stolen goods to them.
  • Prone Animation.
  • Detailed interior of cars



Rockstar’s Response To GTA 6 Leaked Footage

Rockstar has officially responded while confirming that the leaks are legit. Moreover, they also claim that the development of their new Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned.

They said that they do not anticipate any disruptions in the making of the game. Furthermore, they said that the footage was exposed due to faults in the system. Rockstar emphasized that the footage and gameplay material was illegally accessed and downloaded.

This leads us to believe that they will look to sue hackers if they manage to find them in the first place. Officials at the company will surely be looking to make amends by suing the hacker. This is by far one of the biggest leaks of all time. That too of one of the most anticipated games of all time.

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