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Dynamic Island lets you have your own virtual pet thanks to this app


Apple shocked everyone by announcing the Dynamic Island notch on the iPhone 14 Pro series. Integrating software with the notch was a smart move by Apple. Currently, only first-party applications use Dynamic Island. However, as time passes by, we will see more applications integrating with the notch. In less than a week of availability, third-party developers have already started their work. One developer has revealed a “Dynamic Island Zoo” feature that lets you have virtual pets.

“Dynamic Island Zoo” comes to the iPhone 14 Pro series

Apollo is a popular Reddit substitute app on iOS. It lets you surf Reddit with multiple features that the stock application doesn’t provide. The developer behind Apollo Christian Selig has implemented a fun little feature, a “tamagotchi” for Dynamic Island. With the new Apollo update, you will be able to have your own virtual pet.

Dynamic Island Zoo lets you have a cat, dog, hedgehog, fox, or axolotl. The small little creature (with retro graphics) paces into the area above Dynamic Island while you surf the Apollo application.

iPhone users without Dynamic Island can also get this feature on their lock screen through a widget.

Dynamic Island can also be used for a pinball game

Apart from this zoo feature, a new game was also launched on the Apple App Store. It is called Hit The Island and is basically a pinball game with Dynamic Island. The goal is to bounce the ball from the bottom of the iPhone display to Dynamic Island to score points. Even the notch bangs at every hit it gets. If you have the iPhone 14 Pro, you should definitely check the game out.

Although these are just some small Dynamic Island third-party add-ons, it shows the potential of the new notch. We will see much more useful integrations of apps with the DI.




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