Dynamic Island on Samsung One UI Exposed

As much as it sounds hilarious, Dynamic Island is also a quite useful feature. For those living under a rock, Apple released the new iPhone 14 Pro models with a brand new notch. But it’s not just a notch. It’s a smart notch, hence the name Dynamic Island. As expected, the developer community has already started porting this feature to Android. A new video has emerged on the web showing Dynamic Island on a Samsung Z Fold4.

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In the Android community, the notch is so common, that nobody thought about how it can be beneficial. Instead of making it useful, the Android manufacturers are busy on the next generation under-display camera to completely ditch the notch. On the other hand, Apple shocked everyone by making the least favorite part of a display the most interesting one.

Dynamic Island

Until we get the high-quality under-display camera, we will have to stick with the notch. Now that Apple has given an idea to make the notch cooler, we are going to see Android manufacturers milk this feature.

So far, no rip-off of Dynamic Island has been released officially. But thanks to a huge Android developer community, we have already seen the implementations of custom ROMs and themes.

Samsung with Dynamic Island exposed!

The latest one to get Dynamic Island is a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 running OneUI. The video shows what a Samsung phone would look like with Dynamic Island. Do note that it is not confirmed if this is a theme used, or rather a modified ROM.

I know many of you are eager to make your boring notch transform into Dynamic Island. Instead of downloading any half-baked theme or ROM, I will suggest you wait for an official rip-off by the Android manufacturer or probably a software update. Pretty sure, next year is going to be about the Android version of Dynamic Island.

Dynamic Island also ported to Xiaomi MIUI

Not only Samsung, but the Android developer community also imagined the Dynamic Island on Xiaomi smartphones. Previously, a Xiaomi theme developer created a Dynamic Island-like feature on an MIUI theme. The custom theme with Dynamic Island is called “Me Yu.” It is currently in the approval stage, If the theme is approved by Xiaomi, then you can easily download it from the theme manager app on MIUI.


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