Top 10 iOS 16 Features You May Not Know!

iOS 16 was recently released to the public. The stable version was released on the 12th of September after the launch of the iPhone 14 series. iOS 16 comes with some design changes and customizations. Here are the top 10 iOS 16 features you may be unaware of.

iOS 16

Face ID in Landscape Mode

iOS 16 enables users to use the Face ID while their phone is in landscape mode. However, this feature is limited to iPhone models 13 and above.

New Duplicates Album

Users are now indicated if any of their photos are duplicated. The duplicate photos now go straight into a new duplicate album. Consequently, this will make de-cluttering your photos way easier.

Hidden and Deleted Photos 

Hidden and recently deleted photos can now be protected. Users will need to use their Face ID to go through these albums. Previously, there was no such authentication required if someone is already in the photos app.

No More Hidden WiFi Passwords

Users can now see the password of the WiFi they are using. This makes it easier to remember or to share the password when you need to.

Battery Percentage in Battery Icon

This is a feature from Apple which isn’t even considered a feature in the Android world. The ability to see the battery percentage beside or inside the battery icon wasn’t available on iPhones. However, this changes with iOS 16. You will be able to see the battery percentage in the battery icon. Moreover, there is no need to swipe down for this purpose now.

Copy and Delete Options For Screenshots

Previously, after taking a screenshot, you would get send or the save option. However, now you will have the option to copy and delete a one-off screenshot. This will eliminate the need to delete it separately after saving it.

Built-In Currency Conversion In Camera & Photos app

If there is a price tag, you will be able to convert it directly after the live text function detects it.

Full Screen Music Player

The full screen music player is back with iOS 16. Moreover, you will be able to enter the full screen music player by tapping on the Now Playing widget.

New Warning Indicator

In order to prevent damage to the battery health, iOS 16 brings a new warning indicator. It will notify you if the phone is getting hot during charging. In addition, it will suspend the charging until the device cools down.

Personalized Spatial Audio

By using the LIDAR scanner on the Pro iPhones from series 12 and above, users will be able to have a personalized spatial audio experience.


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