OnePlus 11 Pro’s Leaked Design Reveals Another Polarizing Look!

OnePlus 11 Pro isn’t bound to launch until Q1 of 2023. However, OnePlus couldn’t stop its upcoming flagship’s design from leaking this early. Steve Hemmerstoffer aka OnLeaks has leaked the design of the OnePlus 11 Pro via MySmartPrix.


OnePlus 11 Pro

The design is quite polarizing like last year. OnePlus adopted a new design philosophy last year. This year, they build on that design language. The camera module curves into the frame the same as in the last iteration. However, the shape of the camera module is changed. It is now circular and will retain the Hasselblad branding. The OnePlus 11 Pro will have a triple rear camera system. Moreover, the alert slider is also present which makes a comeback after being ditched in the OnePlus 10T.

Expected Specifications

OnePlus 11 Pro will feature a curved OLED panel. In addition, it will feature the latest processor from Qualcomm. Perhaps the Snapdragon 8 Gen2. The device will most likely be made out of glass and aluminum. Moreover, the Hasselblad collaboration will continue with this generation of OnePlus Flagships. The Chinese brand will further work with Hasselblad to improve its camera system. This is only speculation as we are nowhere near the actual launch. Further details will be leaked as we move closer to the official launch of the device.

OnePlus 11 Pro

Launch Timeline

Previously, OnePlus has been launching its flagship devices in the first quarter of the year. This year will be the same if no drastic changes occur to their launch strategies. Therefore, expect the OnePlus 11 Pro in Q1 2023. The device will most probably launch in China before making its way to the global market.

Thoughts On Design

OnePlus 10 Pro’s design looked hideous at the start. However, it felt better as we saw it more and more. However, I hoped that OnePlus didn’t continue with this same design language. It doesn’t feel original at all. The design seems like a weird remake of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s design. Let’s see if it grows on me as I see it more and more. Let us know what you think about this design philosophy.

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