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Xiaomi MIUI with “Dynamic Island” exposed


Apple iPhone 14 Pro series presented us with the smartest notch yet called “Dynamic Island.” Unlike traditional notch, the Dynamic Island integrates software features for a better user experience. For example, the notch expands via software for controlling music, and stopwatch. Since, Xiaomi’s MIUI is highly inspired from Apple iOS, fans were wondering if something like Dynamic Island will ever come to MIUI. Luckily, a user has shared a video showcasing how Dynamic Island would look like on a Xiaomi phone.

For those unaware, Xiaomi MIUI features a huge theme store. Not only it allows designers to publish their creations, while other users can also download and use the themes. A Chinese theme designer named “Mu Ye” has said that he has developed a third-party theme featuring “Dynamic Island” and has uploaded it to the Xiaomi theme store. The theme is currently awaiting response to official review.

Not only does this theme feature Dynamic Island but also custom aircraft animation, personalized text on lock screen charging, time and date inversion, small white bars, smart charging, and smart music. Furthermore, users can adjust the position of the smart notch in the settings for different devices.

Obviously, this is more of a theme than an actual feature. It would need a lot of backend optimization to properly implement something like Dynamic Island. But overall, it’s a good effort by Mu Ye, and I will not be surprised if Android manufacturers comes out with “Smart Notch” as-well.

iPhone 14 Pro – Dynamic Island

We were expecting a traditional notch with the iPhone 14 Pro models. But Apple surprised everyone with the Dynamic Island. Apple has pulled off something unique with the pill-shaped cut-out.

The Dynamic Island Pill can be interacted with by touch and can be used for different functions. Incoming calls, music player, Face ID detection, Stopwatch, and many other actions will interact through this new Pill-shaped notch. This is something unique and never seen before.


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