Steve Jobs’ daughter makes fun of iPhone 14

Apple refreshes its iPhone lineup yearly. Fans eagerly wait to see the innovation Apple will bring after a year. However, sometimes (or many times) we end up disappointed seeing minor upgrades. But this time, someone special got dissatisfied with the new iPhone and ended up mocking it. She is Steve Jobs’ daughter Eve Jobs. Yup, that’s right, the daughter of the co-founder of Apple has made fun of the iPhone 14. Below you will find the reason why she really mocked Apple.

Steve Job's daughter makes fun of iPhone 14

There was a time when Apple used to release the “s” versions like the iPhone 6S to show that they are not major upgrades but rather small improvements. However, Apple completely ditched the “S” launch, and each year we see a new lineup.

The new iPhone 14 should have been the iPhone 13S. It is so similar to the previous generation that it is inexplicable to upgrade. And this is the reason why Eve Jobs ended up mocking Apple.

Why did Steve Jobs’ daughter Eve Jobs make fun of iPhone 14?

After Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 14 series, she shared a meme on her Instagram story. The meme says “Me upgrading from an iPhone 13 to an iPhone 14 after Apple announced today,” and shows a man holding a new shirt that he is already wearing.

Steve Job's daughter makes fun of iPhone 14

iPhone 14 is similar to the iPhone 13 in a lot of factors including:

Same design

The new iPhone copies the design of its predecessor. There are no visible changes in the design language. Ironically, the case of the iPhone 13 may not fit the iPhone 14 due to minor changes such as different locations of the buttons and the speakers.

Old processor

Steve Job's daughter makes fun of iPhone 14

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro series gets the new A16 Bionic processor based on the 4nm process. However, the standard iPhone 14 has A15 Bionic, which was used in the 13 series. One good thing is that it has a 5-core GPU, compared to the 4-core GPU on the previous lineup. But still, we expect the latest phones to come with new processors.

60Hz refresh rate, old notch

For a $799 phone, you expect a faster 120Hz refresh rate. But no, Apple has kept it for its premium offerings. Plus, the standard phones do not feature the new modern “Dynamic Island” notch and one of its kind “Always on display.”

That being said, upgrading from iPhone 13 to the latest iPhone does not make sense. Hence, the meme shared by Eve Jobs is totally on point. Do you agree with her? Let us know in the comments below!


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