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Telecom Services Down In Pakistan As Floods Wreak Havoc


Telecom services are down in Pakistan due to power outages and flooding. There have been two internet breakdowns in last week only. These have affected people immensely. Recent floods and power outages have caused these problems. PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has all hands on deck for solving issues as soon as possible.

Areas Affected

Chitral, Upper Dir, Doonbala, Swat, Madin, Lal Qila Samarbagdir, Tank, and DI Khan are the areas currently suffering a communication blackout. Currently, telecom services are down in flood-affected areas. However, the internet breakdown was nationwide. Heavy rainfalls have caused power outages and damages to the optic fiber cables have caused the issues.

Relief By PTA

Telecom service down in Pakistan is such a huge issue. In these situations of emergency, communication is very crucial. PTA has assured us that they are working to resolve all the issues. They have also directed all network operators to allow free calling services in affected areas. On-net calls and PTCL calls are now free in flood-affected areas.

Furthermore, they have introduced an SMS code for flood relief donations. To donate Rs.10 or more, all you have to do is to type ‘fund’ and send an SMS to 9999. You can also help flood victims by cash deposits to Flood Relief Fund Account No. ‘G-12164’. We also urge you to donate as much as you can to the flood victims. People have lost their homes, communication is lost and there is a shortage of rations. You can easily donate by sending just an SMS from your phone.



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