Samsung Odyssey Ark – The King Of Gaming Monitors!

Samsung Odyssey Ark has been launched officially. This next-gen gaming monitor has taken the world by storm. Moreover, pro-gamers are the main targets of this device. Although, the target market is small. But the enthusiasts will be going for this one for sure. The Odyssey Ark is something never before seen.

Samsung Odyssey Ark

Specifications & Features

The Samsung Odyssey Ark has a 55-inch Quantum Mini-LED display. Moreover, it has a 165Hz refresh rate and 1000R curve. It provides an immersive experience and the resolution on the panel is 4K. If this wasn’t enough, the response time is only 1ms. Furthermore, it has HDR 10+ support and Dolby Atmos audio.

Samsung Odyssey Ark

For an immersive sound experience, the Ark Odyssey has six speakers. There is one on each corner and two woofers at the back. These all combine to create a dome of sound for the users. The display has a matte finish which will block glare while gaming. For extreme performance, the display supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for VRR.

Samsung has included two remotes with the Odyssey Ark. One is a standard one while the other one is called the Ark dial. The Ark Dial is wireless and it enables you to change video settings, adjusts volume, and switch between the monitor’s special display modes. Furthermore, both remotes have solar panels built in.

Samsung Odyssey Ark

There is even an RGB light at the rear of the device. Samsung has included a Gaming Hub as well. It supports streaming platforms like NVIDIA GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Google Stadia natively. Moreover, there is also a multiview mode. This enables the user to use up to three different apps open at once, including the ability to move and resize windows. The Odyssey Ark has four HDMI 2.1 ports. You can only display content from the Ark’s built-in apps and one external device simultaneously.

Samsung Odyssey Ark


The Samsung Odyssey Ark will cost you $3500. This is a huge amount of money for a monitor. However, if you have that kind of setup that can take full advantage of such a display, this one is a must. It is difficult to find a better monitor for gaming.




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