Will Apple Make A Folding Phone?

Apple Folding Phone has been rumored for quite some time now. However, there haven’t been concrete reports about its release timeline. Some reports claim that it might launch in 2023. Folding Phones have been going more and more mainstream by the day. Recently, Samsung released the Flip 4 and Fold 4. Moreover, Xiaomi launched the Mix Fold 2. Similarly, Motorola, Huawei, and OPPO have been playing in the folding field.

Apple’s Strategy

Apple always arrives late to the party. Their philosophy is to not introduce a feature as an industry-first. Rather, they believe in refinement. For example, Apple introduced widgets and lock screen customizations way after Android. However, they did so in a refined manner so that it doesn’t feel like an experiment or a gimmick.

When Will The Apple Fold Arrive?

In our opinion, the Apple Folding Phone is far from reality for now. For sure, it may be in development and Apple might be working day and night on this. However, they won’t launch it until it’s perfect. Until the price is right, the cost makes sense, and the market is ready for it. They will learn from the mistakes and experiences of other brands.

Apple Folding Phone

However, when they do launch their foldable, it will straight-away be the top option. Apple will look to solve the major issues in durability and practicality that foldable phones face now. The crease, front screen’s aspect ratio, thickness, the durability of the folding display, and much more minor details. Apple will not launch a folding phone until they crack these problems. So, you may want to buy another folding phone for now. Because Apple’s Fold isn’t coming soon. However, the bottom line is that they will make one. That is for sure.

The End Of iPads?

Apple Folding Phone

Foldable phones are surely the future. But Apple already has products that enhance productivity and multitasking. iPad lineup will be in the air when the folding phones from Apple arrive. It will be interesting to see how Apple manages its product lineup. What do you think? Will the iPads survive? Or will the Foldables reign supreme?

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