Android 13 Stable Version Released For Pixels!

Android 13 has been released officially. However, this stable release is exclusively for Pixel devices. Android 13 update for other OEMs will drop later this year. Other brands are still in beta. This is one of the many perks you get if you own a Google Pixel. Android 13 was codenamed ‘Tiramisu’. Moreover, users of the beta version have provided positive feedback as well. Here are the new updates and features that Android 13 brings.

New Features & Customizations

Improved Material You Theming

Google has added the custom color combinations made based on your wallpaper. Previously, you could choose between 4 wallpaper and 4 basic colors. However, now, there are 16 of those. Moreover, themed icons are not limited to system icons only. Google has enabled developers to work on this and there should be more uniformity in the UI now.

Accessibility Features

Furthermore, Google has added more accessibility options. For example, you can now double tap to open your flashlight. Moreover, you can now also pick different default languages for different apps.

Android 13 Stable Version

In addition, you can also access smart home controls on your lock screen.

Android 13

Enhanced Security

Security and privacy have also been improved. If an app now asks you for permission for your photos, you can now select which photos you want to permit.

Bluetooth LE & Spatial Audio

Android 13 also supports Bluetooth LE (low energy) audio and spatial audio. This is also another refinement that enhances the user experience.

Revamped Media Player & QR Scanner

The media player has also been revamped. Another cool toggle added in the notification shade is a QR code scanner. You can now scan a QR code with a swipe and a touch.

Android 13

Android 13

Better Tablet Support

Android 13 also has better tablet support. As we all know, Google is going to launch its tablet soon. Therefore, Google has made Android 13 in a way that its tablet would get enhanced productivity.

Android 13


Overall, Android Tiramisu seems like a good upgrade. It comes with the necessary improvements that Android 12 needed. This is a much-needed refined version of Android 12. If you have an eligible Pixel device, you can download the update now.

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