Xiaomi Defeats Tesla, Unveils CyberOne Humanoid Robot!

Xiaomi CyberOne Robot has been officially unveiled. They have beaten Tesla in the race to launch the World’s first human robot. Tesla was the first to unveil the concept of their humanoid robot. However, they could not succeed in launching it before Xiaomi. Xiaomi has made the first step into the future by unveiling this robot after launching the CyberDog last year.


The height of the robot is 1.77m which translates to 5’10”. Moreover, the weight of the robot is only 52 kilos. It has up to 45 kinds of human semantic emotions. In addition, it has 85 kinds of environmental semantics. CyberOne humanoid robot also supports 3D reconstruction.

Motion coordination controls the 13 joints of the whole body. Furthermore, it has 21 joint degrees of freedom and 21 drive modules. It has a 96Nm/kg peak torque density. It would cost around CNY 800K. The design is also very futuristic. Xiaomi has managed to create a masterpiece. However, Tesla’s human-robot is also on the horizon. Moreover, the expectations are high. We’ll see if Tesla tops this one off or not.


The concept of human robots has been in the air for quite some time now. However, now we are seeing its implementations in the real world. Moving on, we think this tech could get mainstream. In this fast-moving world, technological advancements are made every day. Moreover, the population is rising and management of work has become difficult.

Furthermore, the whole idea of technological advancements is to make our lives easier. Phones went from having keypads to folding in half. In short, we are living in an evolving global village. Therefore, developing such tech will become the need of the hour. Human robots will get mainstream before you can imagine. At first, it may seem a bit awkward. But this is the road we are on and time is moving faster.

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