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Samsung introduces the Experiential ‘Space Tycoon’ on Roblox.


Samsung Electronics has released a new Roblox experience called Samsung Space Tycoon. It is a virtual playground within the Roblox game world. Users can create and play virtual games, as well as share experiences with Samsung products with alien characters in space.

According to a note shared by Samsung, Space Tycoon was created specifically for Gen Z customers. The service offers a seamless metaverse experience that allows users to build and enjoy their Samsung products.

The players will be aliens attempting to find clues and solve mysteries in order to invent new items. Players will have plenty of opportunities to get creative and transform the items they find into something unusual. A Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, for example, can transform into a helicopter, while a smart TV can transform into a hoverboard if the appropriate buttons are pressed. According to Samsung, the only limit to possible combinations is one’s imagination.

The Space Tycoon Would Be Based On Three Areas:

The Mining Zone: A special area within the metaverse for resource procurement and the creation of new items. Here, players will be able to use bi-dimensional assets; for example, a real-life Samsung phone can be used and altered in the metaverse—players can change the colors and add extra features.

The Shop: This is where all of the game’s products will be kept. At launch, the shop will feature 20 Samsung products organized into tiers. To elaborate, the color patterns of the presented digital items may change depending on a player’s level in some cases.

The Lab: This is where all new inventions are created. The Lab is where the magic can finally happen after a player gathers the necessary materials from the mining zone and the shop.

Space Tycoon will be released in 14 languages at launch, including Korean, English, Chinese, and Spanish. Additional features, such as the ability for users to interact with one another, share their creations, and attend exclusive virtual parties, will be added in the future. Furthermore, as part of the #YouMake campaign, Samsung will host dedicated online events on its website Samsung.com that will focus on coloring and collecting Samsung products.


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