Evaluating The Xiaomi Poco X4 GT

The Poco F series used to be all the rage, but as the sub-brand expanded, its mid-range products began to look more promising. Enter the Poco X4 GT, a solid upgrade over last year’s X3 GT and possibly a more affordable alternative to the standard Poco F4. This device went global on June 23rd, 2022.

The MediaTek Dimensity 8100 SoC is undeniably the star of the show. We had the opportunity to put it through its paces, and it demonstrates an impressive price/performance ratio – more powerful and efficient than the Snapdragon 870, yet capable enough to compete with the Snapdragon 888. Some concessions had to be made to include the recent Dimensity 8100 in the Poco X4 GT’s price, one of which is the screen.

Poco X4 GT Screen & Sound Test

That, however, is not your typical low-cost IPS LCD screen. The screen on the Poco X4 GT gets bright enough so direct sunlight isn’t a problem. It’s also fast (144Hz), and Dolby Vision certified. A faster response time with a touch sampling rate of 270Hz is also available. This is especially useful for fast-paced games.

Poco X4 GT Screen

Not too shabby for an LCD. It has a perfectly sharp 2460×1080 resolution and is a good size at 6.6in without becoming too bulky. The hole punch selfie camera isn’t distracting, and the bezel thickness is standard for phones in this price range.

The stereo speakers are heavily weighted to the phone’s down-firing driver at the bottom. The earpiece speaker is much quieter and contributes significantly more depth to the mid-range and high-end than a mono setup. There are plenty of volumes available, but avoid revving it all the way up; everything sounds overly sharp at the very top.

poco X4 GT speaker

The cooling design has been improved with seven layers of graphite, resulting in a 32% larger cooling area. Hence, overheating during gaming is great. There’s no need to be concerned about Bluetooth latency, either, because Xiaomi is reintroducing the jack, which was removed in the Poco X3 GT.

Battery and Camera

There was no change in the battery unit, but we weren’t expecting any. The X4 GT can easily power through an entire day of heavy use, from social browsing and browsing the web to gaming, camera snapping, and video editing. A 5,080mAh battery is competitively priced and charges quickly using Xiaomi’s 67W charging standard.

However, The X4 GT this year replaces the main 64MP sensor with a larger one. It’s nice to see the successor improved in almost every way.

The photos aren’t very colourful, but that’s due in part to the IPS LCD display. The photos, on the other hand, are sharp and the cameras capture some details. It has portrait and night modes, among other things.

When it comes to videography, the POCO X4 GT’s 64MP primary camera can shoot videos in 4k resolution. However, there is no stabilization feature, so you must hold your hands steady to shoot decent videos.

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