Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review – Great Specs, Poor Optimization

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the flagship phone from Samsung that launched a few months back. Here is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra long-term review.


The phone comes with Exynos 2200 (4 nm) chipset. We also get 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage. The display is 6.8 inches Dynamic AMOLED 2X, 120Hz, HDR10+. Finally, we see a massive 5000mAh battery with 45W fast charging.

S22 Ultra Long-term Review

We have been using the device as an everyday smartphone for around 4/5 months now (from the day it launched). The smartphone looks and feels amazing but there are some pros & cons to this phone. Let’s dive into the S22 Ultra long-term review.


The display of the phone is indeed beautiful. It’s a big 6.8″ AMOLED panel with up to a 120Hz variable refresh rate. But the shape is not our personal favourite. As the edge of the display bleeds down the sides, there isn’t much room left to grip the phone and many times, while using it single-handedly, you get many mis-touches here and there.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review

The variable refresh rate makes the device buttery smooth, but again OneUI animations are poorly optimised. To the point that it feels like the device is glitchy and because of that it does not appear smooth all the time.

The brightness is also amazing as we have never faced problems using the phone indoors or outdoors.

Processing Power

While using the S22 Ultra. Never once have we felt like it wasn’t powerful enough. The 12GB ram is more than enough for all your gaming and editing needs. However, the Exynos version still lacks behind the Snapdragon version ever so slightly. Sometimes we encounter freeze frames here and there but that again can be fixed via software.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review

It works flawlessly most of the time, but still, it proves to be less reliable than the 2-year-old iPhone 12 pro (that is being used simultaneously).

Battery life

The battery life is pretty good. For moderate use, it would last us over a day. The most it has gone in about 2 days with very less usage, while the least, we manage to kill it under 24-hours. For daily, low-moderate usage the battery is amazing, but if you are a power user, you might need to charge it every night, which is also not bad. But again if the optimization would be done right, it can absolutely destroy the iPhones, for now, it is neck in neck with the iPhone 12 Pro at 90% battery health.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review

The S-Pen

The S-pen is an amazing feature, and some people might not be able to live without it. Given that the S-pen is an amazingly smooth and realistic feeling, we have found ourselves using it not that often. It’s like a gimmick for a day or two then in the daily, we haven’t found ourselves ever pulling it out. It just sits inside.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review

Then another problem is the screen protector. If you use a screen protector, using the S-pen will become a nightmare very quickly. As the protector and the tip of both are soft plastic, it creates a lot of friction and it takes the fun out of using the s-pen.

The air-command features are useful if you use your phone to record a lot of videos but other than that, it is just there.


The camera here is an absolute beast. Amazing picture quality. Many amazing features. Overall great. However, the results aren’t as reliable. Like sometimes a shot in the same lighting will turn out to be great while other times it wouldn’t be too good. The S22 Ultra lacks a little bit of continuity between the shots. Like sometimes, I will take out the phone to quickly capture something & without checking the result I will put it back inside my pocket. Now when I check the photo sometimes it looks amazing, other times it might come out a little blurry, overexposed etc.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review

The zoom on this thing still beats the whole market. It is amazing, has gotten a lot better and it is more fun to use.

The Entertainment Aspect

For multimedia consumption. Like watching Netflix or YouTube, the smartphone works beautifully. The big & continuous display proves to be a much better viewing experience than the iPhones (because of the notch) and the squared-off edges give it a whole new feel. The speakers are loud enough and provide good immersive audio. Overall we found ourselves reaching for the device more than ever to watch a YouTube video or something off of Netflix.

The Freebies (Leather Case & Buds Pro)

The Buds Pro are amazing. They provide a nice seal. Looks great from the outside. Have a balanced sound and good noise cancellation. It was a great deal getting them for free.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review

The leather case on the other hand is bad. It is really cheap feeling. Putting it on and taking it off the device is a nightmare. It fits a little too tightly and I am always afraid that it will scratch the device when taking it off or putting it back on.

I would much rather prefer a jelly TPU case than this.

So, this was the S22 Ultra long-term review. If you want to see reviews of other smartphones mention them in the comments below.

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