OnePlus “Nord” To Become A Separate Brand, Just As Expected!

OnePlus Nord was launched in the summer of 2020. Carl Pei was heading this project. The BBK-owned brand started teasing the Nord series way before its launch. The hype for the new mid-range phone was unbelievable. It was supposed to be the homecoming of OnePlus to the value-for-money market.

Successful OnePlus Nord Launch

Carl Pei is known to be the master of building hype around a product. OnePlus started a dedicated series on their YouTube channel by the name of ‘New Beginnings’. Moreover, the leaks were all over the internet. Nord was all over Twitter. Everyone was excited about the device. OnePlus managed to launch the Nord successfully all over the globe. With its great value-for-money proposition, Nord became one of the most popular mid-range phones.

Change Of Paths

After launching the Nord, OnePlus was slowly integrating further into OPPO. Many OnePlus employees and fans were disappointed. In addition, Carl Pei and many other key players left OnePlus. The Chinese brand announced the death of its legendary Oxygen OS. With the integration with OPPO, OnePlus was slowly becoming kind of a sub-brand of OPPO. Their originality was lost. The brand started to launch more rebranded devices. Furthermore, their software started to feel more like ColorOS. Although, they were selling more phones than ever before. However, their true identity was gone.

Nord By OnePlus

Now, news from ‘The Mobile Indian Network’ has confirmed what we were suspecting. Nord is now set to become a sub-brand by OnePlus. Moreover, Nord will now have its branding, stores, and team. Similar to what Realme went through, it will be branded as ‘Nord by OnePlus’ at the start. Furthermore, the Nord brand will remain on the devices. Afterward, the OnePlus branding will be removed. Hence, BBK will have another separate brand under its umbrella.

This was speculated since the day Nord was launched. So this is not surprising at all. As it has happened with Realme by OPPO, POCO by Xiaomi, Redmi by Xiaomi, and iQOO by Vivo. Furthermore, another interesting news is that the software skin will also be different. It will be a skin over Oxygen OS. As it is with the POCO launcher being a skin over MIUI. Let us know what you think about this decision. Are you happy about Nord being separated? Or would it be better to stay as it is?

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