iQOO 10 To Get 200W Flash Charging

According to sources, it has been reported that the next generation of iQOO devices specifically the iQOO 10 gets 200W Flash Charging technology. This will be the world’s first commercial 200W Flash Charging technology to be adapted into a smartphone.

iQOO 10 200W Flash Charging

iQOO is a sub-brand of Vivo, and while they do produce some good devices none of them has given the company a huge breakthrough. As companies like this like to experiment with their phone we can always expect them to do something interesting.

So with the iQOO 10, reports point out that the company is going to be a world-first in the 200W Flash Charging technology.

iQOO 10 200W Flash Charging

200W Flash Charging Technology

Reports say that the tech being used is electric vehicle level. A huge amount of software working is involved. For the hardware, they have used extremely durable but thin materials for the battery as well as the charging brick. The material is more conducive to improve charging.

“Ultra-thin diaphragm and electrode material have been used in the iQOO 10 200W Flash Charging”.

To support the new speeds, the design and manufacturing have also been improved.

How Will The Battery Health Be Affected

As much as this is general knowledge. Depletion of batteries over time is inevitable. But, some things like temperature and charging speeds play a vital role in how quickly the health of the battery depletes.

As faster speeds do tend to make batteries weaker quickly, good software can manage just as how Xiaomi did with their 120W Fast Charging. We do think as this gets official the company will surely comment on battery health.

Other Specs+

Other Specifications will include Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 8+, 16GB RAM, and a 50MP primary lens.


The 200W Flash Charging is a huge step. It can/will change the game. But is the risk factor of losing battery faster worth it? I don’t think so.

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