Microsoft sets to Shutdown Internet Explorer

Microsoft has announced the Shutdown of Internet Explorer, its oldest browser. On June 15, the app will finally retire in peace after 27 years of service. It was initially offered as an add-on package for Windows 95 in 1995. Internet Explorer was a significant part of our lives while growing up in the early 2000s

The browser peaked at 95% use in 2003, but it could not sustain its position. Hence, its user base began to drop drastically. Many new rivals joined the browser market, providing improved user interfaces, quicker internet connections, and smoother performance. Internet Explorer appears to have been unable to compete, and it has steadily degraded into little more than a default explorer used to install alternative browsers. Moreover, the tendency for Microsoft to Shutdown internet explorer increased.

Microsoft Edge: An Internet Explorer Replacement?

However, Microsoft Edge has taken the position of Internet Explorer. “We are excited to announce that Microsoft Edge will replace Internet Explorer on Windows 10.” Microsoft Edge not only offers a faster, more secure, and more modern browsing experience than Internet Explorer, but it also solves a critical issue: compatibility with older, legacy websites and apps.

microsoft sets to shutdown internet explorerThis implies that every Windows user who relies on the browser will have to update to Microsoft Edge to access the internet as the firm discontinues support for IE11. The good news is that you most likely already have it on your computer. If you don’t have it, you can easily download it here. “We’ve also sought to make the update to Microsoft Edge straightforward,” the business said.

“Once you’ve decided to switch to Microsoft Edge, you can easily import your passwords, favourites, and other browser data from Internet Explorer with a few clicks.” “If you come across a site that requires Internet Explorer to open; Microsoft Edge has an Internet Explorer mode built-in so you can still visit it,” it said.

Microsoft stopped developing new browser features in 2016. This may be the first time the tech behemoth has opted to phase down Internet Explorer. Following the announcement, netizens were both nostalgic and crazy.




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