ZipTech Pre-order Scam: The Truth Exposed!

ZipTech & Absolute Tech have been in the news because of their huge scam. We have gathered everything we know so far about ZipTech and their partner Absolute Tech. The details below are given to us by a source that wants to remain anonymous. According to our source, ZipTech and Absolute Tech are involved in a scam of more than PKR 145 CR. Both owners have allegedly left Pakistan for Turkey. The source also claims that they have laundered the money. People who have been scammed are left with no hope. Both parties have also allegedly applied for UK immigration. However, this scam has a whole story attached to it.

Who Is ZipTech?

ZipTech was a brand founded by a man named Muhammad Hasaan aka Major Zippy. At first, he started with a YouTube channel under this name in 2016. He used to stream Fortnite on his channel. Before this YouTube venture, he worked a job for a salary around PKR 40k. When he was streaming Fortnite regularly on his channel, he started to gain subscribers. Gradually, he began holding custom games and started giveaways. He began to create trust between his subscribers. In addition, he even started holding tournaments with cash prizes up to PKR 10K.

Beginning Of The Scam

He started by selling PC-related products in the beginning. He bought all items from Saudi Arabia and imported them here for sale. The owner, Muhammad Hasaan aka Major Zippy, then came up with the idea of pre-orders. He started dropshipping and making PC builds. However, the real scam started when the RTX 30xx series and PS5 dropped. He listed prices close to MSRP claiming to be buying directly from the vendors. He received a massive response. Major Zippy started to take pre-orders in Nov 2020. Nobody knew at that time that he was a gambler.

Business Model

He built a solid base for the mega scam to follow. Zippy took pre-orders for a batch and then paid for them with the money received from the pre-orders of the next batch. He had the support of some famous social media influencers. Moreover, he was also stated as a verified seller on a famous gaming group on Facebook.

When Was He Exposed

Some customers didn’t receive their orders on time. Zippy assured them that the orders will be delivered. Moreover, he cited supply chain issues for the delay. However, in reality, he didn’t mean to deliver the orders in the first place. ZipTech silenced some people paying them as compensation to keep quiet. When the wave of complaints started growing, influencers and groups who were partners with him, stepped back.

Reportedly, people who ordered in August were still waiting till January. When Zippy started taking pre-orders again, people went nuts. They wanted answers. How could he take pre-orders again when six-month-old customers still didn’t receive their orders. Approximately, he delivered 30% of the orders only. The other 70% are still waiting for their money.

Connection With Absolute Tech

Both ZipTech and Absolute Tech worked on the same business model. They offered insanely low prices and took pre-orders in bulk. Absolute Tech owner had a mobile shop in Karachi. He dealt with Apple products and quoted cheap prices. When the iPhone 13 was launched, he quoted the cheapest prices and got orders in bulk. Some dealers even paid him 6-7 crores. He then started making excuses at the time of delivery. He stated supply chain issues were the reason for the delay.

After a while, when people contacted him, he didn’t bother replying. Suddenly, he vanished from the scene. The connection was also known when it was seen that both of them quoted the same prices for the PS5. Moreover, when the ZipTech owner was at his peak, Absolute Tech was taking bulk orders of PS5 as well. Reportedly, he was asking his customers to send the payment directly into ZipTech’s account. This confirms the connection between these two parties.

Furthermore, an affected person, Humza Shaikh, exposed both parties on Facebook. Humza shared a post in Apple Community In Pakistan group on Facebook. He states that Absolute Tech approached him for iPhone 13 Pro Max. He got carried away due to Absolute Tech being regarded as a verified seller by a Tech Reviewer. Moreover, there is further evidence in the post of how these scammers were associated with social media influencers.ZipTech



Stature Of The Scam

The exact figure of how much money they have looted can’t even be calculated. According to estimated figures, the whole scam could be of more than PKR 145 Cr.

Where Is Zippy Now

Major Zippy is now in Turkey according to the latest reports. He has invested heavily in Turkey and has applied for UK immigration. Because for UK immigration, one has to show assets. Reportedly, ZipTech’s owner was deported from UAE due to a supply of drugs and narcotics. Hence, Turkey was the safest available option.

Action Taken Against Him

The affected people had filed an FIR against him last week. However, his father said that they had disowned Zippy two years ago. Moreover, a lawsuit has been filed against Ziptech. But people are left hopeless with their hard-earned money laundered to another country.


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