Oxygen OS 13 – OnePlus Wants Your Feedback

OnePlus recently announced that they have started working on Oxygen OS 13. They previously announced that they will be making a Unified OS together with OPPO. Moreover, Oxygen OS 12 build was very similar to Color OS as well. It seemed like a theme over Color OS. OnePlus received a lot of criticism over their buggy Oxygen OS 12 build.

Rise Of OnePlus

OnePlus was loved by tech enthusiasts all over the world. Their phones were used and recommended by almost all tech-enthusiasts. The main reason for their success was their software. Furthermore, OnePlus offered the cleanest skin in Android with no bloatware and excessive theming. Oxygen OS was the closest to stock Android with just the right amount of customizations. One could do so much with it, still without installing any third-party launcher.

Unified OS

OnePlus then announced its further integration with OPPO. They announced the launch of a Unified OS starting with the OnePlus 10 series. What could go wrong even if they merged the software with OPPO but still offer that fast and smooth experience without bloatware, bugs, and ads. Right? OnePlus promised their new Unified OS to debut with the 10-series. However, the OnePlus 10 Pro came with ColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12 in China. This raised questions about the arrival of Unified OS.

Revival Of Oxygen OS

After a lot of guessing, OnePlus finally announced the comeback of Oxygen OS. They claimed that they will be reverting to the old formula for their software. The Chinese brand admitted having made a blunder with Oxygen OS 12. They said that consumers have been complaining about their recent performance in the software department. Hence, after listening to the feedback, OnePlus will be shifting back to the fast and smooth formula for Oxygen OS. They are now surveying through Survey Monkey to collect users’ feedback. You can also chip in by providing your thoughts.

They have already started working on Oxygen OS 13. Moreover, this version will be like the old OnePlus software skins. With no bloatware, clean and minimal experience, Oxygen OS will make its return according to OnePlus. OnePlus fans are back from the dead after hearing this news. Hopefully, OnePlus doesn’t disappoint them again. Will OnePlus be able to revive its fanbase? Let us know your thoughts.

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