ZipTech & Absolute Tech Involved In A Mega Scam!

ZipTech & Absolute Tech are involved in a scam of more than PKR 145 CR. Both owners have allegedly left Pakistan for Turkey. Moreover, they have laundered the money as well. People who have been scammed are left with no hope. Both parties have also applied for UK immigration. This news comes from Muhammad Ali Shahid, who posted all the details about the scam.

Why Turkey?

ZipTech owner was deported from UAE due to a supply of drugs and narcotics. Hence, Turkey was the safest available option. Moreover, both parties have invested heavily in Turkey. Because, for UK immigration, you need some wealth to show.


The owner, Muhammad Hasaan aka Major Zippy, came up with the idea of pre-orders. He started dropshipping and making PC builds. However, the real scam started when RTX 3000 series and PS5 dropped. He listed prices close to MSRP claiming to be buying directly from the vendors. He received a massive response. After a while, he received bulk orders and payments and suddenly vanished from the scene.

Absolute Tech

The owner had a mobile shop in Karachi. He dealt with Apple products. He quoted cheap prices. When the iPhone 13 was launched, he quoted the cheapest prices and got orders in bulk. Some dealers even paid him 6-7 crores. He then started making excuses at the time of delivery. He stated supply chain issues were the reason for the delay. After a while, when people contacted him, he didn’t bother replying. Suddenly, he vanished from the scene.

People started inquiring about him and found out that he was part of such scams before as well. His father said that they paid all his dues and disowned him a while ago. All people’s hopes were shattered.


During these years when the ZipTech owner was at his peak, Absolute tech was taking bulk orders of PS5 as well. Moreover, he was asking his customers to send the payment directly into ZipTech’s account. This confirms the connection between these two parties.

Lessons Learned

This whole fiasco is a lesson well-learned. We should not trust people blindly. There is absolutely no hope now of people’s hard-earned money being recovered. However, one should remember, that these scams are only short-term benefits for the culprits.

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