Xiaomi Partnership With Leica Shown In Leaked Codes

Huawei was the first one in the smartphone game to collaborate with a camera company. That collaboration changed the game for Huawei. After that many other companies have also done collaborations but most of them have resulted in just being a marketing trap. However, Huawei is declining after the huge bans from the US. It appears that the partnership might have ended. Now, Xiaomi partnership with Lecia is the new headline thanks to some leaks and rumours.

Xiaomi Partnership With Leica

It’s been in the rumours for months that Xiaomi 12 Ultra will come with a Leica camera and that rumour might now have been confirmed by some leaked codes.

Xiaomi Partnership With Leica

Some tech freak took a deep dive inside some of the applications on MIUI 12. While doing that he found some code strings inside the gallery editor application which tied directly to Leica. Those strings referred to some Leica branded filters. They were marketed by Xiaomi along with some co-branding.

Now, these have not been implemented yet as the partnership isn’t official, but that in itself is a huge hint. Xiaomi is working behind the scenes and the moment the partnership goes official they will release all the software-based stuff through an update.

However, nobody knows how Xiaomi will implement this partnership. Either it will just be through software like filters. Or it will have an actual impact on the way the camera works. Either way, they get the marketing done. Let’s wait for the launch of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra to see how this turns out.

What do you guys think of Xiaomi Partnership With Leica? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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