Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price & Availability In Pakistan

Vivo is known to experiment with its devices. They have always been very innovative and are one of the first to do such innovations. Recently, a new concept of drone cameras in a phone surfaced on the internet. News broke that the Chinese brand was working on a Vivo Drone Camera Phone. People made concept images and videos on this news. However, the reality is that Vivo has just patented the technology. The device itself isn’t coming soon.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone



The reality is that this is just only a concept, a mere imagination. Drone camera phones are just patented by Vivo. This does not mean it is coming soon. However, it may be possible in the future as technology advances more and more. For now, Vivo is currently working on a folding device. Other brands are also working to create a streamlined folding device. Moreover, scrollable devices and tri-folding devices are also in works by different brands. The drone camera phone is far off the checklist of smartphone brands.

So, if any of you were looking forward to the drone camera phone, sorry to burst your bubble. It isn’t happening soon. Websites claiming that it is under the works and leaking its specifications are just doing it for clicks and views. No doubt, the concept is fascinating. The concept of drone cameras in a phone is surely interesting. In addition, it will add a whole new dimension to smartphone photography. However, for now, it is only imagination.

Maybe, it won’t even come to life. As smartphone zoom capabilities continue to expand, the need for drone cameras might die. Moreover, one could attach a drone to the phone itself. Hence, the problem statement is not strong. We might not see this concept coming to life. So, all the specifications and images you have been seeing are false. All of them are just based on concepts and imaginations.

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