Samsung Is Preparing For A New Folding Device

With the launch of the Samsung S series out of the way. All Samsung fans now have eyes on the next even where Samsung launches the folds and the flips. The event is usually held in August. This time Samsung will launch a successor for the Z Flip and the Z fold but another device is seen in the leaks.

Samsung N4

Samsung is preparing for the event. Leaks tell that the production of the Flips and Folds is next to start. But another smartphone with the codename N4 has appeared in a leak. According to a report by a source, Samsung will launch 3 folding devices this year. The devices are codenamed Samsung B4, Samsung Q4 and Samsung N4. Now the B4 and Q4 should be the Galaxy Fold 4 and the Galaxy Flip 4 as last year they were codenamed B3 and Q3. That leaves one more device as the mystery.

Samsung N4

The Samsung N4 will be a brand new device as confirmed by Korean news. Some leaks suggest that it might be the rolling phone that has been long anticipated by Samsung. However, others say that it might be the P shaped folding device.

Sources also state that Samsung will manufacture only a limited number of this new device. Now, either it will be a very premium device or they want to experiment.

Samsung at CES 22

We should take hints from CES 2022. Samsung showcased a bunch of Folding screen tech and concept phones there, including “S” and “G” devices, and Flex Note folding laptop.

Moreover, no leaked images have appeared to know what the device might look like. As the launch nears, I believe we will have more information about this device.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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