Nothing Phone (1) – Why Is It So Special?

Nothing is the name of the new company founded by Carl Pei. Carl Pei was the co-founder of OnePlus. He was the brain behind OnePlus’ immense success. However, he left OnePlus before their integration with OPPO. OnePlus Nord was his last project with OnePlus. Now, Carl is back with a bang. He launched Nothing last year and their first product was wireless earbuds named Ear (1). After months of speculation, they have finally revealed their next product, the Nothing Phone (1).


Nothing held a virtual event in which they revealed their plans. They made it clear that they were not an audio company. Moreover, Carl Pei revealed that their vision was to create an ecosystem of products to go against Apple. He admitted that no other brand offered the same seamless integration as Apple. Nothing aims to change that and bring a cohesive and seamless ecosystem of products. The ecosystem will not be limited to Nothing’s products. Rather, they will partner with other brands for better and seamless integration with their products.

Moreover, they have partnered with brands like Qualcomm, Sony, and Samsung for their products. We can guess that chipset, camera sensors and displays will be from these brands. Carl said that the revolution of mobile phones has stopped and we are seeing more gimmicks than ever before. He aims to bring a revolution in the mobile phone industry through the Nothing Phone (1).

Nothing OS

Nothing has also revealed the first look of their operating software. It will be called ‘Nothing OS’. Moreover, the theme of the OS will be different with dot-patterned font and widgets. The animations will be minimal and smooth. The app launch and close time will be minimized to create a fast and smooth experience.

Nothing OS


Nothing Phone (1) is rumored to have a revolutionary design. The teaser didn’t reveal much. However, a transparent design is expected after the Ear (1). This teaser can only make you guess.  Nothing Phone (1)

Why Is Nothing Phone (1) Special?

Carl Pei’s vision of building an alternative to Apple is exciting in itself. He took OnePlus to great success in a short time with the same vision. However, his vision was hindered due to OPPO’s influence. That is one of the major reasons for him leaving. This phone will be his brainchild. Nothing has already caught everyone’s attention after their event. Their claims of building a cohesive ecosystem similar to Apple’s have excited everyone. They have created a stir in the market and now everyone is looking forward to summer’s launch.

Building hype is one thing Carl is a master at. He has not failed this time too. Oxygen OS was loved all over the globe before its merger with ColorOS. Nothing OS will be bringing the fast, clean and smooth experience again, guessing from what we have seen so far. Moreover, design is another thing that is highly anticipated. Designs have become predictable lately. A fresh design to stir the market was badly needed. Nothing Phone (1) will be that refreshing kick that we needed. So far, the Nothing Phone (1) rumor mill has all the ingredients to be the revolution it claims to be. We are excited, let us know your thoughts on the brand!



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