YouTube Vanced Is Shutting Down, Here Is The Alternative

Google has forced Youtube Vanced to shut down due to legal reasons. Vanced is a popular YouTube app for Android. Vanced is a popular third-party YouTube app for Android because it allows users to block all video ads on YouTube without buying a premium subscription. It includes an all-black theme, and customizations not offered in the official YouTube app for Android. However, all the free fun is no more.

Reason For The Shut Down

Representatives have revealed the project will be dysfunctional in the coming days. Moreover, download links are set to be removed. However, existing users will be able to enjoy the app for now.

“Vanced has been discontinued. In the coming days, the download links on the website will be taken down. We know this is not something you wanted to hear but it’s something we need to do. Thank you all for supporting us over the years.

We were asked to remove all references to ‘YouTube’, change the logo, and remove all links related to YouTube products,”


NewPipe is one of the most feasible solutions to YouTube Vanced. It will not let you miss the YouTube Vanced app. It offers many features same as if you buy a premium YouTube subscription. For instance, background playback, ad-free streaming, picture-in-picture mode, video downloading, and many more. However, there are some caveats in the use of NewPipe.

Firstly, the interface is very different from YouTube. If you are to experience an ad-free YouTube experience, you’ll have to get adjusted to the new interface. Secondly, the app doesn’t sync with YouTube servers. Hence, the experience won’t be seamless between platforms.

Nevertheless, these caveats are not deal-breakers. You still get the basic features like subscribing to the channel, bookmarking videos, creating custom playlists, etc. Downloading the app is a no-brainer. You are getting almost all premium features for free.  You can download the app from the following link:

Download the App.

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