Vivo X Fold Leaked Images – Looks Amazing

Samsung started this trend of folding smartphones. The trend was then continued by companies like Huawei and Oppo. Now Vivo has hopped on this trend and it seems like they are already in the production stages. A Vivo X Fold was captured in the wild with some hands-on leaked images. Here is everything we know about this folding smartphone.

Vivo X Fold

Sometimes it’s amazing how photos of unlaunched smartphones always make a way to the internet. Like out of thousands of people, someone will notice a new phone and snap a good enough photo to tease the device.

However, the photo of the device appears to be from the front. The device is in an unfolded state. The aspect ratio appears to be rectangle-ish like the Galaxy Z Fold series. The bezels on this device look proper thick but uniform. The front camera is tucked away in a hole-punch on the top right middle of the device. The smartphone also gives of a effect as if it is in a protective case of some sort.

Vivo X Fold 

Now, one thing that appears to be surprising the most is that there appears to be almost no crease. The light reflection conveniently appears to be just over the fold showing no signs of a crease. Looks like vivo might have a way to minimise or even end the ugly looking crease in the middle of the folding smartphone.

It has been claimed that the hinge used on this device will be of the best quality on the market and that the cost of only the hingle is 1200yuan ($188 / PKR 39000). The device is also said to get a stronger UTC glass.

The display appears to be a Samsung 2K 120Hz LTPO Amoled panel. It will use ultra-sonic fingerprint scanner for both displays. Other specifications remain unknown for now.

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