Netflix Is Changing – But Not In An Expected Way

Netflix, everybody’s famous movie streaming platform is experimenting with new heights. The platform is expanding its library as well as adding new options like gaming and more. Netflix is changing but these changes were not expected by anyone. Here is everything about where the platform is heading.

Netflix is Changing

Netflix got founded in 1997 as a local movie subscription service. Then in 2007 the platform completely moved to the digital world introducing streaming and monthly online subscription.

After that, the company has not changed drastically as it has remained as a streaming platform. However, now the company is moving in a different direction. Netflix is moving towards adding gaming, and TikTok style short videos to the platform.

Netflix Gaming

Netflix is Changing

Now, Netflix has made its gaming service official by signing a deal with the publishers of Stranger Things and Walking Dead.

Netflix Vice President of Game Development Mike Verdu has announced that the streaming service intends to acquire the Finnish studio Next Games for €65 million. They will close the deal in the second quarter of the year. It means they are going all out on the gaming side of things. But, this won’t be the first time. Previously, Netflix also acquired Night School Studio and made some projects but this is a big one.

Netflix is Changing

Even though we are just starting our gaming journey, I am confident that together with Next Games we will build a library of first-class games – without ads and microtransactions – that will delight our users around the world,” Verdu said.

Netflix Fast Laugh – Short Clip Platform

Netflix has begun testing its new feature called the “Fast Laugh”. In this, there are short 30 second clips generated by the Netflix staff. These clips are from different shows and movies. In theory, this will help users decide if they want to watch a series from the funny/interesting 30-second highlights. Or it could work as an advertisement and users could get lured to watching something by seeing the clips.

Netflix is Changing

This feature is for now only available in selected countries, but it might go global sooner than expected. The clips are made by the Netflix administration and are not based on your liking or any specific algorithm.

Netflix is Changing

So, this is how Netflix is changing. I don’t think we ever expected to see Netflix make TikTok style short clips or enter the gaming world.

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