Intel Arrow Lake-P Processors Confirmed – Will Compete Against MacBook

Recently, it was confirmed that Intel’s Arrow Lake-P processors. They will launch Arrow Lake architecture by 2024. This will be a successor to the Meteor Lake series. Now, some leaks have shown the potential specifications of the processors and Intel’s roadmap regarding them.

Intel Arrow Lake-P Processors

The Arrow Lake-P is based on mobile architecture. According to the leaks and rumours, this new architecture will feature 6 Big and 8 Smaller Cores. While the GPU performance looks promising with the 320EU (320 graphics Execution Units) suggesting an entirely new performance segment for laptop APUs.

According to intel’s leaked road map, the Arrow Lake-P is code-named “Halo”. The Lake-P specifically focuses to compete with Apple 14″ MacBook models. While the launch might be still far, the roadmap shows some interesting and promising plans. The processor is to feature a 320EU GPU chipset with TSMC as the external N3’ foundry as mentioned in the leaked images.

Now, while Intel did not announce the Lake-P series in great detail. The details about the Meteor Lake series were revealed.

Meteor Lake Series

According to Intel’s planning, Meteor Lake will mainly use the 4×4 architecture, having 4 small and 4 big games. With low power consumption, a whole new generation of GPU engines, as well as integrated AI accelerators.

Intel's Arrow Lake-P

Moreover, the CPU will use a new architecture, with three main tiles: The IO Tile, The SOC Tile, and The Compute Tile. While the other two speak for themselves, the Compute Tile includes CPU Tile and GFX Tile. This CPU Tile will use a new hybrid core design to provide higher performance at lower power consumption, and the GPU is also a new architecture.

Intel's Arrow Lake-P

Meteor Lake series is expected to get shipped by early 2023, while the Lake-P is expected to hit the shelves in early 2024.

So, what do you guys think of Intel’s Arrow Lake-P & Meteor Lake Series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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