Upcoming Netflix Originals Dropping in March 2022

Let’s take a look at what Netflix will be offering its users in March. Here is a list of some of the upcoming Netflix Originals hitting your screens next month:

Worst Roommate Ever (Limited Series)

Netflix Originals

It will be coming to Netflix on the 1st of March. It was originally bound to release in February. However, the release got delayed to March. It is a new 5-part limited series coming from Blumhouse Television. Moreover, you will see four distressing tales of roommates turning into nightmares.

The Guardians of Justice

Netflix Originals

It is a superhero animation series. This series is also releasing on the 1st of March, 2022.

Against The Ice (2022)

Netflix Originals

This movie is directed by Peter Flinth and was filmed in Iceland. Moreover, it follows a Danish expedition to Greenland in the early 1900s. Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen and Iver Iversen set out on foot to prove that Greenland is a single island. Lastly, this movie will hit your screens on March 2nd.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Season 2)Netflix Originals

The second season of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe will be dropping on March 3rd.

Surviving Paradise: A Family Tale (2022)

Netflix Originals

This is a brand new nature docu-series from Wild Space Productions. It looks at different environments of the globe and what it takes to keep them sustainable. Lastly, it will hit your screens on March 3rd.

The Weekend Away (2022)

Netflix Originals

This is a new thriller directed by Kim Farrant. Moreover, it will be headlined by Leighton Meester. Moreover, it is about a couple on vacation to Croatia that goes downhill. After being accused of killing her best friend, Beth has to clear her name.


Netflix Originals

This is an Irish thriller movie. It will be released on March 4th. However, it will be only released in the UK.

Pieces of Her (Season 1)
Netflix Originals

Releasing on March 4th, it will be another thriller series. Moreover, the series is set to star Toni Collette, David Wenham, Bella Heathcote, Jessica Barden, Omari Hardwick, and Joe Dempsie.

Rescued by Ruby (2022)

Netflix Originals

Grant Dustin stars as a state trooper in this feel-good movie based on a true story. Furthermore, the plot revolves around him desperately trying to get into the K-9 search and rescue unit. It will release on the 17th of March.

Human Resources (Season 1)

Netflix Originals

The team behind Big Mouth brings their next project to Netflix in the form of Human Resources. In addition, it will be released on the 18th of March.

Bridgerton (Season 2)

Netflix Originals

Finally, the series is returning on 25th March continuing to adapt Julia Quinn novels. Season 1 was the biggest series Netflix has ever made. Furthermore, it recorded the most hours viewed within the first 28 days of release.

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