Google Pixel Fold: Coming Soon!

Leaks emerged about a folding device from Google presumably named Google Pixel Fold to be launched in 2021. However, it was reportedly delayed due to a global chip shortage. A Foldable from Google would have been awesome for people searching for a Foldable in the market. Pure android and great cameras which are Pixel’s forte combined with the productivity of a folding device. Interesting, right?

Ross Young has reported that the foldable from Google will start panel production in Q3 2022. Moreover, he also states that the alleged Pixel Fold will launch in the last quarter of the year. Google is always associated with product leaks months before the launch. They don’t have a set product launch strategy. They have faced delayed launches and canceled products pretty often.

New Beginnings from Google

2021 has been a year of new beginnings for Google. As they announced the Pixel 6 series, the first “All Google Phone”. In addition, Google introduced its first custom silicon, named Tensor, powering the Pixel 6 series. A Foldable from Google is almost as exciting as a USB Type C iPhone from Apple.

Aiming High at the Foldable Market

Samsung is the pretty much only brand that offers folding devices for the mainstream audience. Other brands like Huawei, OPPO, and Motorola are also offering folding devices. However, the mainstream audience isn’t attracted to them. Fold 3 and Flip 3 have been the most refined folding devices and the most popular among the mainstream audience.

Some people also reported that the Pixel Fold was canceled. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case now. Ross Young has an impeccable track record. Hence, get ready for some folding phone action from Google. After a successful Pixel 6 series launch, the tone is set for Google to introduce a foldable in the market. However, there are some major factors Google needs to focus on. Pricing, durability, form factor, and availability. An undercooked recipe would result in a complete failure.

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