Top Feature Phones in Pakistan!

Feature phones in Pakistan have come a long way. In the age of smartphones, the fact that feature phones are still in demand is mind-blowing. This shows how far they have come. They now offer almost all the functionalities that a smartphone offers. In addition, a feature phone is very cheap and ticks all the boxes. Here are some of the best feature phones available in Pakistan right now:

Jazz Digit 4G

Jazz Digit 4G series offers different devices for different audiences. They have 7 feature phones in this series.

  • Bold
  • Music
  • Elite
  • Lite
  • Defender
  • Classic
  • 4G Pro

All of these devices have a dominant feature. These devices are running on Kai OS. They offer functionalities such as WiFi, hotspot, long-lasting battery, special offers on Jazz Sims, and much more. They are smartphones with a keypad. You can watch YouTube videos, browse the internet, use social media and make calls. These are great options for people using Jazz. Moreover, you can also use these with a non-approved expensive device. The Pro variant also offers touch support.

QMobile 4G Plus

QMobile has launched a feature phone running on Kai OS. They have partnered with Telenor for this feature phone. This device offers you 4G connectivity, WiFi, and a special three-month bundle with free internet. Moreover, you also get 4GB of built-in storage. This will also fulfill your needs and act as a smartphone with a keypad. The QMobile 4G Plus was the first device with Kai OS in Pakistan.

Nokia Feature Phones

Nokia was the feature phone giant before these smartphones came to Pakistan. The brand value of Nokia was unmatched in Pakistan. They are now offering various smartphones in Pakistan. However, their feature phones are still the most value-for-money devices they offer. But, they are still not as good value as other feature phones. As they do not have WiFi capabilities.

However, the 105 4G and 110 4G have 4G capabilities. Other devices like the 3310 and 6310 also are great feature phones. If you need the Nokia experience and the nostalgia, go buy the Nokia phones. However, I think Jazz Digit and QMobile offer better choices specifically for Jazz and Telenor users.

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