Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Sync – Sync Game Progress With Your PC

Steam Deck is the first handheld console by Steam. It makes a person’s whole steam library playable on the go. The product itself is a very well designed machine with lots of potentials. And now even with the software updates, it seems that Steam is going in the right direction. Here is everything about the Steam Deck Cloud Safe Feature called Dynamic Cloud Sync.

Steam Deck

For being an un-launched product, the console has received a lot of love from everyone. People who have reviewed it have gone as far as saying “It might be the best alternative to a PC”. Realistically, PCs or Gaming Laptops aren’t that portable, but this is something you can take, and play on anywhere in the world. Airport, Bus, Train, Car, heck even the toilet.

Steam Deck Dynamic Cloud Sync

This new feature got revealed recently. It is basically a continuity between a PC and the console. You can play any steam game on your PC, and then you go out somewhere. The game when launched in the steam deck will automatically start from the point it got left on the PC or vice versa.

Dynamic Cloud Sync

This feature is called the Dynamic Cloud Sync. Essentially when your Steam Deck is in sleep mode. It will automatically upload the modified progress data to the steam cloud. When you switch to your PC, the game will have already progressed to that point or synced. Now when you play on your PC. Steam will upload the progress to the cloud service, and the Steam Deck will automatically download the data while you are or aren’t using it.

It is advertised to be so quick that you as the user won’t have to wait for the data to be uploaded. Now, if the feature works the way it is advertised, it will be huge.

Valve says developers will have to manually enable Dynamic Cloud Sync in their games, so it might take time for the feature to be available in some of your favourite titles, and it’s guaranteed to require internet connectivity. A downside here is that if a game is in the middle of the progress on the Deck, and you try to play it on the PC. It will tell you to close the game on the other machine so that the progress can be synced.

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