“Gaming Is Like Masturbation” Says The Creator Of Xbox

The original creator of Xbox has come up with a controversial statement that has spread like fire on the internet. The man, Seamus Blackley has compared gaming to a form of sexual self-pleasure. Which almost led him to get fired. Here is everything he said.

Gaming Is Like Masturbation

So, the statement that is given by Seamus Blackley, the creator of Xbox was “Gaming Is Like Masturbation”. The guy said it loud and clear. But this was said way before. The statement recently came to light when journalist Dina Bass tweeted the statement. “Gaming is like masturbation,” she said. “Everybody does it. Nobody wants to talk about it.” this obviously caught a lot of attention on the internet.

Gaming Is Like Masturbation

But soon, she explained that she was quoting something Seamus Blackley said to her in the fall of 2001 a few weeks before the original Xbox launched. The journalist further added that “gaming is now mainstream where it was a bit more hidden back then.” Blackley also soon got in this conversation and explained how that statement almost got him fired from the company.

Gaming Is Like Masturbation

The man again explained his thinking behind that statement. He said, “it was an argument for multiplayer gaming online which Xbox was a pioneer in.” In simple words, he wanted to tell everyone how widespread gaming is but some people hide it thinking that gaming is something to be ashamed about. To be fair to him, gaming back then was considered not in good terms, even only recently there has been much focus on e-sports. Go a few years back and you can see everyone saying how gaming is bad in all the different ways.

So, how many of you agree with the statement that Gaming Is Like Masturbation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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