OnePlus In Pakistan: What Went Down!

OnePlus in Pakistan is nowhere to be seen now. In March 2021, United Mobile announced that they were going to start the distribution of OnePlus products. They made huge claims about offering nationwide availability. Moreover, they promised that special OnePlus exclusives will also make their way to Pakistan. However, none of their promises were fulfilled.

Rockville Technologies (Rock mobile)

Most people didn’t know that OnePlus was already official in Pakistan. Rockville Technologies were the first distributor of OnePlus products in Pakistan. They had been distributing OnePlus products since 2017-18. People didn’t know about them because of the lack of advertisement. They offered one year warranty for all products. Moreover, they even had service centers in Lahore and Islamabad. In addition, you could even buy products from there. They are still distributing OnePlus products. Well, at least officially they are still functioning.

Events After United Mobile’s Announcement

When United Mobile announced them being the official distributors of OnePlus, they were lying about one thing. United Mobile announced that they were the first official distributors. However, that wasn’t true. A war of words started from here. As Rockville was the first distributor officially, they posted it again on social media.

Between this situation, there wasn’t a single official announcement from OnePlus. Their media team didn’t even bother. OnePlus Pakistan website was up on the internet. However, it was of no use. You couldn’t buy any products from the site. Moreover, you could not even check the availability of any product from their website. Furthermore, their representatives on Daraz were extremely unprofessional. They didn’t give useful and correct information to the customers. Moreover, there was no product launch strategy. The representatives themselves didn’t know what product will launch or what won’t.

Disappointed Fans

In this frustrating situation, OnePlus fans were the most affected. They were frustrated and disappointed. OnePlus was solely at fault in this whole fiasco. They should’ve cleared the air out. Moreover, they should have had a proper announcement of going official in Pakistan. On social media, there should have been a dedicated OnePlus Pakistan page. If United Mobile and Rockville were fighting over being distributors, who should have solved it, OnePlus! OnePlus definitely messed it up in Pakistan. They could have been on the rise here if they took matters seriously. If they weren’t ready, they could have waited. Even now there is no whereabouts of OnePlus in Pakistan officially.

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