Microsoft Xbox Now Supports FaceTime Calls – Here Is How To

Facetime started off as just a way to do video calls from iPhone to iPhone or from Mac to Mac. But recently because of the whole pandemic situation, Apple has gotten flexible. Along with Android, Windows, Xbox now supports FaceTime. You can join any FaceTime call right through your console.


FaceTime is a secure way of doing video calls on Apple devices. It’s free, it’s secure, what else could someone need? Well, that was the case at least before the whole pandemic. After the whole work from home, Apple saw how applications like Zoom or Google Meet gained popularity. So, like any other company, they saw the perfect opportunity and allowed FaceTime support on almost everything.

FaceTime On Android & Windows

Xbox Now Supports FaceTime

Now, it isn’t quite what it sounds like. FaceTime hasn’t launched on any of the platforms as an app. But the platforms just support it. To start a FaceTime call, you will still need an Apple device like an iPhone or a Mac. But, you can join FaceTime calls via any other operating system. For example; in a company, person X has an iPhone. They can schedule and set up a meeting and send the like to everyone else. Now all the people in the company regardless of having an iPhone can join the video call. Once the call ends, they will be guided back to their browsers.

Xbox Now Supports FaceTime

Xbox Now Supports FaceTime

Given the situation, it’s pretty normal that all these gadgets adapt and support FaceTime. But one thing that seemed weird is that consoles are getting in on that too. And it is also really simple. The video call also looks hassle-free and you can enjoy your lectures or office meetings from the couch on a huge display. Here is how you can do the same

  1. Attach a Webcam
  2. Open Browser
  3. Open Your Email
  4. Click the link to join the FaceTime Call
  5. Done

In theory, you can accept FaceTime calls on anything with a display and a browser.

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