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SadaPay VS NayaPay: Best Debit Card In Pakistan?


SadaPay & NayaPay are the newest entrants in the microfinance banking scene in Pakistan. Just like JazzCash, and EasyPaisa, they are also microfinance banking systems. Microfinance banking has become a norm in developing countries. It provides people with lesser income, access to financial services.

Freelancers and owners of small businesses are benefitted the most. More than 500 million people have benefited from microfinance-related operations. Moreover, microfinancing allows people to take on reasonable small business loans. First, let’s discuss each of the microfinance banking systems before comparing them.


SadaPay has obtained an EMI license from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).  Furthermore, SadaPay is registered with the SECP as SadaTech Pakistan Pvt Ltd. They are one of the most secure in the business. SadaPay communications are encrypted on many levels. The physical card is numberless. Moreover, there are advanced anti-fraud protocols in place.

SadaPay’s website is one of the cleanest you’ll see in Pakistan. They don’t have any physical branches. Furthermore, they offer you a free Mastercard Debit Card. There is no annual fee or minimum deposit. You can avail free transfers to any bank or wallet instantly. In addition, you can withdraw money from ATM without any ATM fee 3 times a month.

The SadaPay Mastercard is accepted by 30 million merchants around the world. Moreover, you will get instant updates of all transactions on your phone. SadaPay’s verification process requires the NADRA e-Sahulat verification process. Lastly, they offer you a foreign exchange rate of 1.5% only. Their representatives are available on their website. You can ask your queries on their website.


NayaPay (Private) Limited is also authorized by the SBP as an EMI. They also have a decently designed website. You won’t find any difficulty navigating through the website. NayaPay allows you to send money to friends and family for free. You can also avail a Visa debit card instantly for your online and offline payments.

Their Visa debit card is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide. Moreover, it is accepted at all 15,000+ ATMs across Pakistan. You can control your payments or freeze your card through their app easily. They also have no hidden charges or annual fees. You can also get a virtual Visa debit card on your phone app.

Their app is designed specifically to enhance your productivity. You can have your bill split automatically. Moreover, you can even write notes when transferring money to explain them. You can receive reminders for your due payments. Overall, the NayaPay offers more functionality with its mobile app. The NayaPay verification process requires a Meezan Bank ATM or branch. Lastly, you can also increase your spending limits through biometric verifications.

SadaPay VS NayaPay

Now, the real question is which one to get; SadaPay or NayaPay? Both have their own features, but we will make it easier for you to choose the best debit card in Pakistan. We are going to compare SadaPay and NayaPay in 3 categories: App User-interface (UI), Payment Network, and Biometric Verification.

SadaPay VS NayaPay: Which one has the better user interface?

If simplicity is your cup of tea, then SadaPay’s application will not disappoint you. it is a simple, straightforward application with essential features. On the other hand, NayaPay takes inspiration from the standard banking application and feels a bit messy.

Verdict: SadaPay is better in terms of user-interface

NayaPay VS SadaPay: Which one has the better payment network?

One of the distinguishing features between both payment solutions is the type of payment networks they use. NayaPay provides you Visa Debit Card. While  SadaPay uses MasterCard. For an average consumer, there shouldn’t be a difference in both payment networks. If you have already had a MasterCard, then you can get NayaPay for getting both the payment networks and vice versa.

Verdict: Both support two of the largest payment processing networks in the world.

NayaPay VS SadaPay: Which one has the better card design?

NayaPay features a standard card design. While SadaPay takes it to the next level with its numberless cards. They look so much better and give Debit Cards a fresh new look. We have seen blue, black, and peach color options for now. And they all look sick!

Verdict: SadaPay has a unique card design

Final Verdict: Which one should you get SadaPay or NayaPay?

To sum it all up, SadaPay seems like a better option with its better user interface and card design.

How to get SadaPay free debit card?

To get a SadaPay debit card, follow the below steps:

  1. Download the SadaPay application from this link
  2. Sign up with your phone number and email
  3. That’s it. You will be in the queue to receive your free debit card.

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